Monday, 25 February 2013

San Francisco 49ers Game day sports

New Stadium.

San Francisco 49ers are hosting their 64th Season under this franchise in the all new Santa Clara Stadium in California. The $1.2 Billion construction began mid-April 2012 and is expected to be opened in July 2014 just in time for the 2014/15 season.

When comparing the Santa Clara with 49ers current stadium, the Candlestick, it certainly seems bigger. Though seating capacity has actually decreased slightly this stadium will stand it's place in Silicon Valley almost doubling the old stadium's square footage.

Partnerships have already been developed between 'NRG Energy' and 'Sony' with many more to come, already making this stadium an absolute showcase of technology and design. Some features of the new stadium include; Stadium wide Wifi accesibility and mobile connectivity, IPTV, and 13,000 square foot video boards in HD.

The build is also incorporating some incredibly impressive ECO designs to match it against it's beautiful surrounding, such designs include; 400kw photovoltaic panels that will provide enough energy to power all of the seasons home games in one year, very good public transport access, good bicycle parking as well as walking access from San Tomas Creek. The building is also designed with lists of Sophisticated and sustainable features of which half are recycled.

December, 2014 will present the Santa Clara stadium with the chance to host the annual Bay Area postseason college football game for the first time. Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl member said,  "The teams that participate in the Bowl will have the opportunity to play in a world-class NFL stadium that in all likelihood will host the Super Bowl, and fans who attend the game will have all the amenities of a premier football facility full of technological advancements.  That combination is going to make our Bowl a more desirable destination for college football teams throughout the country and fans throughout the Bay Area. It's a real game-changer for us".

The Santa Clara was designed to be a multi-purpose facility with the flexibility to host a wide range of events including, domestic and international soccer, college football, motocross, concerts and various civic events, and will be expandable for major events such as the Super Bowl. We can't wait to see it done.

By Dominic Champion

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Will San Francisco 49ers win Superbowl XLVII ?

Everybody is Excited for the Superbowl tonight!

But who will win it?

We seem to think the 49ers will, and we are not biased, the bookies agree with us and it is all backed up by fact.

Lets move away from all the loud noise being created because it is Ray Lewis's last superbowl and his retirement is coming and actually talk about the facts of the game.
Below are some of the points why the Superbowl will be held in San Francisco and the 49ers will hold more Superbowls than any other team in the NFL equal to the Pittsburgh Steelers!

We think that #23 LaMichael James is going to cause problems for the Ravens Defense, he hasn't had a long time on the active roster but while he has been playing he has made game changing moves and played a massive part in the return game. We all know the Ravens Struggled against the Broncos Special Teams and we feel #23 James with his unique skills is going to cause problems!

Lets not forget our Defense Coordinator Vic Fangio has made a very aggresive defensive unit which has ranked amongst the top in the NFL on all major statistics. Pat Willis, bowman & Aldon Smith are leading the defensive unit to shut down the Ravens offense, lead by Jim Caldwell who has only had the position for a month.

Our Disciplined 2nd line is sure to pick off one of Flacco's legendary Long balls.

Colin Kaepernick has revolutionized the way defenses need to react to a athletic quarterback after the record breaking play off game against Green Bay Packers, this is something in particular Baltimore will struggle with because their linebackers are not athletic enough to react to this.

#15 Michael Crabtree has had a fantastic season, even better in the Play offs and this ain't gonna stop for the Super Bowl!. Good luck to the Ravens trying to stop Crabtree he has an amazing ability to gain extra yards after the catch.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Would you put your money on Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick might just become the most-bet-on player in Super Bowl history. That's at least according to longtime Vegas insider Jimmy Vaccaro of William Hill, which has 75 full-service properties in the state of Nevada.
Due to the fact that Kaepernick played his college ball in Reno at the University of Nevada, Vaccaro says people in the state can't wait to place a prop bet on him.

"We put 10 props on him last week and generated more than $100,000 in bets," Vaccaro said. "To put that in perspective, a good prop is when you can draw $2,500 to $5,000 in bets."
William Hill will post at least 20 props on Kaepernick for the Super Bowl. Current props include: Will Kaepernick have 100 yards rushing and 300 yards passing? Who will have more: Kaepernick pass attempts or LeBron points scored versus the Raptors? What will Kaepernick throw first: a touchdown or an interception?
Vaccaro says the most-bet-on player he has seen since prop bets were invented for Super Bowl XX is Peyton Manning.
"But I've never seen interest on prop bets like I've seen with Kaepernick," Vaccaro said. "We think we can do $300,000 in Kaepernick prop bets alone, and that's a conservative estimate. No one has ever come close to that number."